About Dr. William “Doc Will” Harrison

With over 30 years of industry experience, Dr. William “Doc Will” Harrison specializes in artist and brand management.

Early on, Doc Will worked his way through the maze of the music entertainment industry, starting out in radio at Howard University Radio (WHUR 96.3), and then becoming an entertainment consultant to Black EXPO USA. From there, he jumped right in to the fledgling division of BMG’s Zoo Entertainment as a A & R Scout. Along this journey he advised an up and coming group known as “Coming of Age”, along with the now well known artist, “Tung Twista”. After the demise of Zoo Entertainment, “Doc Will”, set out to advise artists, consulting with a variety of independent labels and local regional acts; Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers, Experience Unlimited, and others. His biggest endeavor was that of Apollo Theatre Records and that of working with the Artist, “Milira”.

A driven entrepreneur, “Doc Will” has authored books on marketing for small business and conducted numerous workshops and seminars for numerous corporations; even having a CD featuring various techniques on loyal-consumer retention. Still having his finger upon the pulse of the entertainment industry, he advises a cadre of entertainers, and manages the careers of Gold-selling artist “Tynisha Keli”; Diamond Multi-Platinum and Gold Producer Michael “Hot Mike” Buckholtz; and Award-winning Magazine Publisher and Public Relations mogul Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson; Jazz Saxophonist “J. Henry” and other entertainment industry professionals.  He is also the Sr. Director of Business Development with The Hype Magazine; being the #1 Digital Entertainment Media Publication in the United States.

Dr. Harrison is a professional member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmy’s); Society of International Recording Engineers; Music Producers Guild – UK; and the Music Managers Forum.  Along with the aforementioned “Doc Will” holds advanced degree’s in Business, Law and Psychology, as well as, being certified in Family & Business Mediation and Mental Skills Coaching.

His daily mantra… I desire to carve out opportunities for those individuals who entrust me with their careers, a place of continued success in entertainment and music history!



Entertainment and Music Industry Consultation

  • Career Strategy Plans
  • Market Niche Analysis and Market Strategy Implementation
  • Radio Promotion and Strategy Implementation
  • Entertainment and/or Music Business Structure


  • Tynisha Keli
  • J. Henry (Saxophonist)
  • Laconda Davies
  • Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson (Songwriter)
  • The Rude Boys
  • Michael “Hot Mike” Buckholtz (Music Producer)
  • G. Labeaud
  • Mari

Certificates from The Kingdom Of Bunyoro-Kitara

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